Sebbie the Crab Plushie

Introducing Sebbie the Crab Plushie, your very own squishable crustacean! With his playful spirit and a love for a good game of hide-and-seek, Sebbie brings the enchantment of the ocean right to your home. While he might appear grumpy, don't be fooled—this charming stuffed toy is all about fun and cozy cuddles. With his soft, 100% polyester shell, he won't pinch, but he will certainly capture your heart!

  • Fun and Squishable Crab Plush Toy
  • 100% Polyester, Perfect for Cozy Cuddles
  • Machine Washable, Easy to Keep Fresh and Clean
  • Fierce but Friendly, Sebbie Adds a Splash of Fun to Every Day
  • Product Dimensions - 12″x 8″x 6″