Peckington the Penguin Plushie

Introducing Peckington the Penguin, a bundle of joy from our Moosh-Moosh Christmas Plushies Collection! 🐧❤️ Peckington is all about wintery fun, from epic ice slide races to cozy evenings by the fireside. His cheerful demeanor and adorable waddle make every moment a festive celebration. Ideal for holiday play or as a cuddly companion during those long winter nights, Peckington is sure to warm hearts with his penguin charm.

🐧 Adorably Snuggly: Perfect for holiday cuddles.

🎅 Santa-Approved: National Parenting Association’s Seal of Approval.

🎉 Sensory Sensation: Comforting sensory-friendly fabric.

📏 Just the Right Size: 12” x 8” x 6”.

🧼 Machine Washable: Easy cleaning for continued fun.