Drac the Dragon Jumbo XL - 24"

Don't be afraid of the dark, you have a 24" JUMBO dragon to protect you?  Drac, the bright green Dragon with shiny magical wings now comes in JUMBO size!  Drac is very curious and has the tendency to get himself into challenging situations.  He often needs help from his brother, Ash the Dragon, when he’s stuck in a tall tree from performing too many flying tricks in a row.  Drac has a big imagination and comes up with the most exciting adventures!  When he’s busy exploring, he likes to look for treasure and shiny jewels to add to his collection.  If you had wings, where would you like to fly to?  Collect all four characters in the Moosh-Moosh JUMBO Series.  Also, for a matching set, you can find Drac in our Plushie, Plushie Flashlight and Plushie Bank Series.

  • Travel friendly cuddly JUMBO plush toy pillow
  • Provides soothing tactile input and is made from soft huggable material
  • Can help kids feel calm and safe and is a great sensory plush toy
  • Great for parents, kids and pets to use
  • Cuddle, sleep with, squish or stack for endless fun.
  • 100% Polyester. Machine washable.
  • Great gift for kids 3+

Note: This item is shipped vacuum sealed. May need to be air fluffed upon opening to expand to proper size.